Reproducing Ball Python morphs since 1994 We have pioneered the many of the heavyweight Ball Python combinations seen on the market today. Roussis Reptiles was the first to bring you morph combinations such as:


Specializing in Piebald and other recessive morph combinations, through our own breeding programs we have built the largest collection of piebald morphs in the world and we continue to develop double, triple, and quadruple recessive gene combinations.
Exploring new territories in designer snake genetics, Roussis Reptiles has done extensive work covering the hybridization of Ball Python x Blood Python – the “Superball”. We were also the first to successfully produce second generation offspring, such as the F2 Superball, the Mongrel, and by incorporating morphs into the combinations such as the “Area 51 “line of hybrids.
We are very proud and excited to have developed through our own captive breeding program a colony of rare and unique variations in Blue Tongue Skinks, both tiliqua s. scincoides “Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks”, tiliqua scincoides intermedia “Northern Blue Tongue Skinks” and tiliqua Gigas “Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink” including Melanistic, Ivory, Caramel Albino, Paternless and Hypo morphs.
Roussis Reptiles has been in business since the emergence of the Ball Python’s popularity in the early 1990’s and is operated by Steve Roussis, an owner with a very “hands on” approach. This gives Roussis Reptiles the unique ability to maintain its personal touch and impeccably high standards both in animals and customer service. When you buy from Roussis Reptiles, you can expect professional, honest service and only the highest quality animals. Roussis Reptiles’ animals and services continue to enjoy a proven track record that is unsurpassed.
Health and Quality are a priority at Roussis Reptiles. We are fanatical about health, hygiene, and cleanliness protocols – especially when it comes to disease prevention. You can feel confident that you are purchasing only the healthiest and highest quality animals from a name you can trust. Rest assured we take every precaution to make sure our stock remains free of all disease and parasites. All of our animals are housed separately in our own custom designed reptile racks and both our state-of-the-art facility and all its cages are kept in pristine condition – routinely cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.
Our animals are raised on a healthy diet. All live food offered to the animals are bred right here at our own facility so we can be certain that our food source is as healthy as can be.
Roussis Reptiles has thousands of satisfied customers around the world, ranging from professional breeders and resellers to the sophisticated collector. Whatever your needs may be, we are confident you will you will be 100% satisfied.